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Established, experienced, capable and knowledgeable, Assocom Overseas Education has accrued demonstrable, key experience in international student recruitment, planning, development and execution over the four years Our understanding of international education issues and sound cross border business practices allow us to assist you in your recruitment needs with a renewed entrepreneurial spirit and developing new revenue streams without compromising on quality.

Student Recruitment Consultancy" Founded in the year 2008, with an experience in international education marketing, AOE has been working with several universities and colleges in the United States, generating new ideas and innovative ways to enroll more students and create new global awareness. A U.S. undergraduate education is among the best in the world. From aerospace engineering to visual arts, U.S. bachelor's degree programs offer students the flexibility to choose general subject courses that pique their interests before deciding on a specific career path. However, the road to your U.S. education involves much research and preparation.