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AIB School of Baking

AIB’s School of Baking provides professional training through Baking Science and Technology, an intensive 16-week course recognized around the world. This course provides tangible value that will pay an immediate return on investment for far-sighted managers who need future leaders who can innovate, develop products, manage for efficiency, and save money for the company the day they return to work.

For those unable to devote 16 weeks to their professional development, AIB also offers seminars. Some of these seminars can be combined with correspondence courses as part of AIB's Career Path program.

Based on science and the wisdom of centuries of baking tradition, every lesson:

• Has roots in the real world problems of today’s bakers.
• Is taught by instructors with real world baking experience.
• Focuses on the production of bread and rolls, cake and sweet goods, cookies and crackers, pizza, tortillas, and muffins.
• Teaches baking science and technology and the latest best practices.
• Makes AIB’s world class food safety best practices part of every lab experience.

Career Path Programs

AIB's Career Paths Are...

Effective - AIB International Career Path programs have trained thousands of industry professionals in the practical application of scientific principles that govern the production of baked foods.
Flexible - Students complete a correspondence course at their own pace, then have three years to complete a series of hands-on technical seminars at AIB in Manhattan, Kansas. These classes are scheduled frequently for student convenience and require only a week away from work for each seminar.
Comprehensive - The required correspondence courses provide the scientific and technical basis for detailed lectures and carefully integrated hands-on labs. Lab exercises demonstrate the function of ingredients, troubleshooting, and approaches to problem-solving that are useful as soon as the student returns to work.
Specific - AIB tailors the Career Path curricula to the specific needs of people with the specialties: Bread and Rolls, Cookies and Crackers, Cake and Sweet Goods, and Ingredient Service
Affordable - Companies and individuals pay for each course as it is taken. No lump sum payment is required. Baking students receive a $500 discount for the last seminar, ingredient service students get a $300 discount.

How does it work?

Step 1 - Choose one of the four career path options listed below:
• Certified Baker - Bread and Rolls
• Certified Baker - Cake and Sweet Goods
• Certified Baker - Cookies and Crackers
• Certified Ingredient Service Provider

Step 2 - Complete an enrollment agreement and return it. (No payment is required with the application.) The enrollment agreement is available once you choose one of the Career Path options listed above.

Step 3 - Begin enrolling in courses. Although students can take courses in any order, students typically begin with the correspondence course. Students do not have to complete the correspondence course before attending seminars. However, our instructors recommend that students with little or no baking experience finish the correspondence course before coming to AIB for the career path seminars.

Certified Baker participants normally attend the seminars under their specific path option first and finish with the two core curriculum seminars on science and management. If students are likely to benefit from taking seminars in a particular order, the seminars are scheduled in sequence.
Step 4 - Students are allowed up to three years from the date of first enrollment to finish the entire program.

Certified Baker - Bread and Rolls

This program is designed for busy professionals involved in the production of bread and rolls who are not able to attend the AIB Baking Science and Technology resident course. The program is divided into the following steps:
• Science of Baking Correspondence Course
• Principles of Bread and Roll Production Seminar
• Technology of Bread and Roll Production Seminar
• Advanced Bread and Roll Production Seminar
• Applied Baking Science Seminar
• Production/Operations Management Seminar
This program is offered twice each year. The courses can be taken in any order. Earn a $500 discount off the tuition of the last seminar you take. The program should be completed within three years of enrollment.

Who should attend? Production Superintendents, Bread or Roll Production Supervisors, Machine Operators, Suppliers, and Consultants.

Why should they attend? The program participant will learn the terminology of bread production, the function of ingredients, the control of the processes, product formulation and equipment used, the methods of troubleshooting and problem prevention, quality control disciplines, leadership and communication skills, and financial management.

PLEASE NOTE: - You must complete an Enrollment Agreement to be admitted into the Certified Baker Program. You must enroll separately in the correspondence course and in each seminar required to complete the Certified Program. Click here for the enrollment agreement for this certified program. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free download available here.)
Application process
Submit the online application and the non-refundable application fee of $80. No Application will be processed until the application fee is received.


• Financial Affidavit as prescribed format
• Bank Certificate showing balance of 15-16 lakh approximately.
• Transcripts:
3. 10th Std. Mark sheet, Certificate/Diploma.
4. 12th Std. Mark sheet, Certificate/Diploma.
• TOEFL/ IELTS Score (If any), otherwise take an English Proficiency Test on arrival.
• GPA 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or above, Architecture/Accounting- 3.0 and Engineering- 2.75.
• Photocopy of Passport.
We don’t required Recommendation letter & Statement of purpose for Undergraduate Students.
To pass the English proficiency requirement, you must show one of the following scores:
TOEFL Score: 550/213/79
IELTS Score: 6.5 overall
Institutional code for reporting via ETS is 6334.
Many Universities have rigid TOEFL requirements for admission. However, Kansas State University wants to make the admission process for you as easy as possible. Undergraduate Student can be admitted to the university without a TOEFL score.
12th Std. Students can also take admission on the 10 & 11th std. Mark sheet basis.